Start a conversation with kids about climate change with lots of kid-powered information and free games, puzzles and DIY projects created by Jackson.

Kids can find out how they can help fight climate change AND help build

the virtual HONORS FOREST and get their certificate by doing one of the

activities. ALL FREE and for ages 5 years+.

Do you like games like 'I spy' and 'Find the hidden picture'?

Remy developed hidden picture puzzels with Blair and Jackson's help.

Search for hidden bunnies and cats in all sorts of background pictures.

Easy to Challenging levels for ages from 4 yrs and up. 

FREE and FUN for the whole family! Play individually or as teams!

bunny a  hidden_watermark copyright best

Miss being with family and friends? Let them know how much

they mean to you with Remy's FREE 'You Brighten Up My Life' 

graphic to send as a text or email. 

The past year 2020 was a challenging one for adults and children alike. And 2021 continues

with many of the same stressful situations. Let's brighten up someone's day!


Remy loves creating graphics, so she set up a website with 20 FREE graphics to send with

your own personal message. Her website is FREE and there's no sign up or email  required and

NO COOKIES. Just FREE images. Her way of helping others spread some kindness during these pandemic days.

Looking for a new family activity? 

Help your children understand that they can have an impact on the world by helping improve life for families in your own community/city/town.


We're helping our community with our second DIY FAMILY READATHON and we've put together lots of free stuff to help you and your family make a difference, too! Whether it's helping provide more food to families in need; supporting animals in rescue shelters;  or helping with any of the needs of your community, this is a fun way to introduce your kids to helping others.

Check out our 'how to' and free graphics and other printables to get started. (Go here!)