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We LOVE free stuff!

Who doesn't? So, we want to share what we can with other families, children, early childhood professionals and grandparents, too. We've had Family Readathons to raise funds for the local animal shelter in 2016 where Jackson adopted two cats and more recently in 2020 and 2021 to raise money for an animal shelter in Sarasota (where some of our family live) and here in Maryland for two local food banks.

Now it's our pleasure to give you some fun free stuff. Check out these pages where 'stuff' is really FREE. No email needed. Just click and download. Be sure to read the terms of use. Then, enjoy!

For our packet of Outdoor Activities, click here

For downloadable, ready-to-print and frame WALL ART, click here.

To see a sample of our Story Stretchers (What if you were...? book only) in flipbook style, click here
and use the password IMAGINE2022# to view the flipbook. To download the Story Stretchers for any/all of our books click here and scroll down to the bottom of that page.

For two fun and informative websites with a whole lot of free activities, click here.
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