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Your FAMILY READATHON team can be anyone you parent/child; multiple generations; extended family and friends; and school, athletic, youth groups. These are just some team examples.


Your team chooses a community, local or State organization which will receive the monies you raise by reading books. You read books...the organization benefits. Our downloadable FREE DIY FAMILY READATHON KIT has lots of information about every aspect of creating your own FAMILY READATHON.


Your FAMILY READATHON team sets a time period during which everyone reads books and keeps track of the books they read. We suggest at least one month and no more than 3 months. We've learned that everyone needs a break at the end of several months. Your team can always do another READATHON with the same or different people and a different organization to benefit from your efforts.


This is a three-point answer!

1. Your FAMILY READATHON is a wonderful way to teach children and teens that you're never too young to help make the world a better place! They can help families in their own community by helping to improve the resources today's families so desperately need. Our DIY FAMILY READATHON KIT includes ideas for a variety of organizations that are serving families in many communities.

The READATHON has actually several important life lessons for family members, too:

  • There is hope for our future.
  • You can help others no matter your age.
  • Be confident in your abilities.
  • You can help change the world.

2. A READATHON can be a fun family acttivity and include generations of your immediate and extended family. While it's not designed as a competition, your team can set individual or team goals. Younger children can read books with older siblings and other adult team members, so that all ages can be active participants!

3. More reading means less screen time and encourages everyone - especially children and teens - to read more, while encouraging more interest in reading on their own.

Get everything you need to design and conduct your  own DIY FAMILY READATHON with our FREE KIT you can download here:

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