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Ages 1 - 4

Companion book to "What if you were..."

If You Were...
Special Price: $6.08

           FREE Kindle:          April 111-15, 2022
Paperback and Kindle editions. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

If You Were...

By Remy Agee

Have you ever asked a young child what he or she could do, if they were a ball? a horse? a whale?

Playful drawings and fun rhyming text inspire a child to interact with the story with lots of opportunities to 

'act out' the rhyme. But the most important message of this book comes at the end. 


Written to help  foster your young child's or grandchild's self-esteem, watch for the important message at the end.

As you read together, search for the hidden little character in the illustration on each page. And look at the story stretchers included in the book with more available for this book free on this website:

"As a Professor of Early Childhood Education, I highly recommend this book for all young children."

-Marlene W.

"A precious book with a great message!"

-Willian C.

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