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Ages 3 -11

kids braingames mobile with lights behin
Paperback and Kindle editions and available on Kindle Unlimited

Kids BrainGames

By Remy Agee and Blair Selby



Do you need a pocketful of tricks to keep kids entertained on-the-go?
Here it is! The end of boredom and restless kids plus a stress-reliever all in one! 

Prepare to 

  • be amused and entertained;

  • smile at players' creativity;

  • enjoy interesting discussions; and

  • have fun anywhere and anytime!

With a separate section for preschoolers, the kids won't realize they're learning problem solving and critical thinking skill; expanding their imagination; and understanding the concepts and relationships of words.

No two rounds of any of our word games are ever the same. Each game can be modified to fit the ages and abilities of the players. With only 'basic' rules, players can choose to adapt the game to their liking.

Happiness reigns! (At least for awhile!)

"This is an amazing collection of creative games you can play with your children."


"A really good book to keep children amused and to share at family gatherings."

-Kindle Customer

Kids BrainGames
Special Price: $5.38
           FREE Kindle:          April 18-22, 2022
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