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Kids BrainGames: The Back Story

Years ago when Jackson was a baby, I would spend two days/week helping care for him while his mother

worked part-time. As he grew to be a toddler, I started playing simple word games with him. 

Our favorite word game began when he was about 2 1/2 , because we both loved reading books. That was start of the 'one-sentence-story game'. We would take turns adding one sentence to create a story verbally. I'm a big fan of imagination, so there were no wrong or right sentences and each player had to keep going with the story no matter how absurd or crazy the previous sentence was. 

I encouraged him to create sentences by saying on my turn, "And then, I couldn't believe what happened." and "I turned around and couldn't believe what I saw." Or, "Just then, I heard a huge noise!" ​We kept playing that game for years, although it became much more challenging when he was old enough to try to stump me on my next turn adding a sentence.

HIs book, My mom is an ALIEN!, started as a one-sentence-story game and I immedately started recording the sentences that turned into a story on the spot. 

Over the years, we developed a number of word games with input from his mother, a Preschool Director. The three of us would play those word games at our homes, in the car, on walks and running errands. 

And, I've played the word games with other grandchildren as young as three when standing in line or just sitting around at home. 

Blair and I decided to compile all of the word games into a book that would be fun to play wherever you are and, particularly, when you're waiting in line,s stuck in traffic or sitting in a doctor or dentist office waiting for an appointment.

We wanted to share the fun of word games with other families on-the-go or even doing tasks at home. Imagination and words open up the world to you. Guess that's why all three of us are avid readers!

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