APRIL 2021






All month long in April 2021,we offered  

  • FREE Kindle editions

  • FREE Story Stretchers

  • Special Book Sales 

Begun by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), this event now has celebrations in states and local jurisdictions across the country. Some states and local organizations extend that week to celebrate the entire month of April each year.

Both Blair (a former Preschool Director and Teacher) and I ( the first Child Care Coordinator for our County government back in the 1990's) have been involved in these efforts to focus on the healthy mental, physical, social and emotional development of young children from birth to eight years old. NAEYC also works to support the professionals who teach and care for young children which includes early childhood education teachers, child care professionals and these days more and more homeschooling parents.

Blair and I have presented at local, State, national (inxluding several during NAEYC's Annual Conferences) and federal conferences on early childhood education. So, we are excited this year to provide special offers during WOYC and the Month of the Young Child for those who work with, and teach, children: teachers, child care providers, homeschoolers, parents and grandparents.

We Celebrated April's 
Month of The Young Child

To celebrate MOYC 2021, we introduced our new FREE STORY STRETCHERS for each of our books which are always available in either Flipbook or pdf format. You can download either or both versions!

Detailed Story Stretchers with hands-on activities for each of our Adventure Thru Imagination Books are available for by going to our Story Stretchers page HERE.


 Volume 1:  Books Story Stretchers IF you were... and What If You Were...  

 Volume 2:  Books Story Stretchers TOO TALL TREES and My Name is FRED 

 Volume 3:  Books Story Stretchers  My mom is an ALIEN! and WARNING.NEVER.EVER.