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My mom is an ALIEN!
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Ages  4 - 8

Paperback and Kindle editions. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

My mom is an ALIEN!

By Jackson Selby

The evidence is piling up!


HOW do parents know what children are doing in another room? Why do they stay up late?


As he searches for answers to these age-old questions, 

the young author concludes there is only one possible explanation...his mom must be an alien!


Adults will laugh, yet the questionniare at the end of the book may make your child or granchild wonder: Could my mom be an alien, too? (Adventure Thru Imagination Books)

"Unique book on mommy quirks. Loved it!

"Our boys loved this book! It's perspective really helped them connect to the story and it has a very endearing plot line. Highly recommend!"

-Richard G.