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Ages 4 - 6

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My Name is FRED
Special Price: $6.08
       FREE Kindle:       April 18-22, 2022 
Paperback and Kindle editions. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

My Name Is Fred

By Remy Agee

SPOILER ALERT: FRED is not an ordinary frog. And, like FRED, sometimes it's hard for children to fit in.


As a parent and grandparent, I know how hard it can be for children to 'fit in'. What can you say to a child or grandchild who doesn't feel good about themselves?

Enter FRED.


Original, colorful illustrations create an endearing story that helps FRED and all the other animals remind children to be themselves. As FRED says repeatedly, "But I AM a frog. I AM, you see. This is who I am. This is ME."


Watch for the surprise twist in the story. It creates a setting in which children can understand that accepting others who may be different is just as important...and that's a happy ending for all!

Look for the story stretchers including the book and check out more free story stetchers for this book by going here.

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