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Book 1 of a new children's book series
to be published WINTER 2023
SUITCASEBOOKCOVER final resized and whit

Reading Level 3rd - 6th Grade

The Adventures of SUITCASE.THE.CAT.

By Jackson Selby and Remy Agee

He's not your ordinary cat.

And he's not really a suitcase, except when he gets really scared.

He does yoga; speaks human; and is a Cathlete.

That’s a feline Olympic athlete.

Searching for his lost family, he finds Cookie and Angel  (two rescue cats) who become ‘family’ joining him on crazy adventures. And all the while he's struggling not to turn into a suitcase which is what happens when he gets really scared or anxious.


It's friends like Harry and Jackson – one older cat, one boy – who help Suitcase learn how to deal with stressful situations and gain self-confidence.

This is a story of overcoming challenges; true friends helping and supporting each other; and believing in yourself…even if you are a cat!


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