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Ages 3-5

Companion book to "If You Were"

What if you were...
Special Price: $6.08
           FREE Kindle:          April 11-15, 2022
Paperback and Kindle editions. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

What if you were...

By Remy Agee

"What if you were a star?"

"What if you were a shoe?"


"What if you were a tree?"

Lots of playful questions and engaging rhymes wrapped in original drawings will fill your story time with giggles and delight your child's or grandchild's imagination.

Together, search for the mini character hidden in each hand-painted illustration and discover the special message at the end.


Then, try some of the story stretchers to extend your enjoyment of the book. Look for the story stretchers inside the book and find more free story stretcher ideas for this book on this website by going here.

"Beautifully illustrated book that lends itself to silly conversations."

-Laura S. R.

"My son loved this book!"

-Jennifer S.

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